Prior to the birth of MSCTE, Meghalaya, Shillong, in 1993, there exist a State Council for Technical Education, Assam, which controls and guides the only Polytechnic in Shillong having the only discipline of Civil Engineering. As per records, the Shillong Polytechnic started in 1965 under the State Council of Assam. Then, Meghalaya obtained its statehood on 21 January 1972. The examination, assessment and evaluation processes of the Polytechnic continues as per pattern set by State Council, Assam, until the Government of Meghalaya, Education Department took over those responsibilities in 1980s. On 28th May 1993, the department received the assent of the Governor to establish a State Council for Technical Education for the promotion of technical Education at Polytechnic level and for the matters connected therewith. Hence, on 31st May 1993, the Government of Meghalaya, Law Department ordered a notification for the creation and enactment of The Meghalaya State Council for Technical Education Act, 1993.


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